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When you need a low-maintenance driveway or parking lot, gravel provides several distinct advantages. Crush rock offers an excellent return on investment in industrial and commercial paving applications thanks to low material costs, limited maintenance requirements and superior aesthetics. Gravel can also be an environmentally friendly choice for many properties.In order to realize these benefits, however, you need to work with an experienced gravel installation company. Empire Paving offers gravel installation and grading services for commercial, industrial and government clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and our specialists are ready to help you create a properly graded and aesthetically pleasing surface.

We keep our clients informed at every step. Choose from multiple crushed stone grades and work directly with expert engineers to customize your surface. We also plan for water runoff and weather damage, limiting deterioration and providing you with better long-term results.

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Empire Paving works quickly, and with a full fleet of the latest grading and paving vehicles, we can provide you with the fast turnaround times you need to build and maintain gravel surfaces on any type of property. Call us today to get started…416-644-1444

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